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Be assured: you’ll get phished

The depths to which people will sink to make an easy buck through internet scams never ceases to amaze me, and we have seen phishing scams which have used the recent earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. 

For example, in the aftermath of the New Zealand earthquake, disgraceful opportunists took advantage of this natural disaster by launching a scam, posing as the Red Cross to take advantage of the world’s sense of charity.

This serves as a grim reminder of the uncomfortable truth that we are never truly protected, especially when brands and ISPs are not doing everything possible to prevent phishing and spoofing scams.


TV Everywhere may not be anywhere until 2014

Cable television companies are getting excited about a web push to put all of their content online for subscribers. Called "TV Everywhere," the endeavor will make many television shows available online for free to customers who pay for cable on television. But getting all the major players to cooperate on this project could take quite some time. Five years in fact. At least that's what Quincy Smith thinks.

Speaking at the B&C/Multichannel News’ sponsored "TV Everywhere and Anywhere" panel on Tuesday in New York, the CEO of CBS Interactive put a damper on the feasability of the cable plan, saying that implementation is a long ways off.

Others on the panel estimated that about half of cable viewers will be authenticated by 2010 or 2012, but Smith is more bearish. He thinks there is a lot standing in the way of implementation. And cable providers aren't making it any easier for anyone.