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The inexorable usefulness of Twitter to publishers and authors

I’m trying my best to sound literary in this post - the pseud’s headline, the confessional first line.

I was tweeted by an author this morning. The whole uplifting experience was enough to slap me in the face with the wet fish of Twitter’s usefulness to the author and publisher.

I thought suddenly, I should write this up for the blog! One of the great things about the blog is the opportunity it affords us to commit the bonne pensée to a medium slightly less fleeting than mere conversation.

The story is this: I was tweeted by an author and subsequently decided to buy her book. These things happened for a number of reasons.

I’ll detail the exchange and then discuss why this case study is symptomatic of Twitter’s use and usefulness.


The Death of the Author 2.0

With Google's Authorship program, you might be tempted to think authors are on the up.

But maybe not. There are quite a number of reasons why authors are as dead as they ever have been.


More than 2m Kindle Singles sold by Amazon: report

As ebooks become a more prominent part of the publishing market, authors, publishers and digital distributors like Amazon are increasingly experimenting with new formats.

One of those formats is the 'esingle'. As the name suggests, these are ebooks that are fairly short (usually longer than a magazine article but shorter than a full book).

Typically sold in the range of 99 cents to $2, or 70p to £2, the value proposition of esingles to the consumer is simple: quality content, no bloat.


France: stealing books isn't piracy when the government does it

If you were to download a copy of a copyrighted book through BitTorrent, you might be accused of stealing. And as piracy becomes a larger problem for publishers, you might even find yourself in court facing a lawsuit.

But there's good news: if you're the government, you don't have anything to worry about.


The return of Econsultancy's guest bloggers

Since we launched the new website back in December it has only been possible for Econsultancy staffers to post to our blog, but we've now improved our functionality and can welcome back guest bloggers.