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Will the Boxee Box meet the same fate as Google TV?

The battle to bring the internet to the small screen is heating up. And the fight to control when and how the internet is brought to the small screen is heating up too.

After finding Google TV blocked by a number of television networks, a Google product manager for Google TV recently stated that the company hasn't done a good enough job communicating what the product is to content owners. And it doesn't seem to be improving in that effort.


Boxee's Avner Ronen gives TV providers five years to figure out digital video

Avner Ronen, the founder and CEO of video platform Boxee, has a lot of opinions that traditional TV providers don't like. He expressed more than a few of them during a heated debate with Mark Cuban in SXSW that's still ongoing.

Today at the PSFK conference in New York, Ronen explained why he thinks charging different prices for the same content on different platforms isn't going to work:

"TV is just one more connected screen."

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