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Four pounds of pork does not a guru make

baconThe Bacon Explosion. Besides the two pounds of bacon surrounding two pounds of sausage and the addition of whatever seasoning you want to add, there were more ingredients than met the grill for this recent viral media success story. However, using it as a mold to replicate other one-off events will not work.

The story behind The Bacon Explosion is more intriguing than its pork fat phenomenon. It has intrigued marketing automation firm Marketbright enough to recuit the co-founder of BBQ Addicts, the ecommerce company behind it, to star in a webinar about social media creation and tracking. The, um, sandwich recipe and associated video have been a blogging and You Tube phenomenon since late January. YouTube logged more than 500,000 page views of the Explosion being cooked and consumed. The company that is responsible for its creation is BBQ Addicts, which has measured 1.5 million page views. But appearing in a teaching role begs the question, how much more detail than excessive amounts of pork fat and frat boy bravado could there have been?