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Social media and regulation in banking

Within first direct, there is an understanding that social media is a channel we should be developing and engaging in, so in essence, that ‘internal sell’ is the easy bit.

The hard part however, is overcoming the way people think about regulation and compliance, and having both the confidence and strategy to feel comfortable working within these confines.


Trust, banking and social media

I don’t think I’m being too controversial when I say that, over the last few years, trust in the banking system, banks and bankers (three very different things that have been unhelpfully lumped together by the mainstream media narrative), has taken a battering.

The financial sector as a whole has huge job to do and in my view, social media is going to play a key part in getting it done.

This post will look at two key issues around trust and social media: how to measure it and how to build it.


Q&A: Phil Allen of Coutts on banking and social media

Coutts is the wealth division of RBS Group. The bank, which is 300 years old, offers banking, investment and wealth management services. 

Since 2009, it has been active on various social media channels. 

I've been talking to head of digital Phil Allen about the bank's social media strategy, the unique challenges for financial brands, and how he measures the results of social engagement. 

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Paul Say on first direct's social media initiatives

In a series of three posts about first direct, I've been talking to key figures at the bank about its integration of social media. 

In the final part, head of marketing Paul Say talks about how changes in online behaviour affect the way companies engage with the outside world, and the social media projects undertaken by the company. 


First direct's five steps to getting started with social media

In a series of three posts, I've been talking to key figures at first direct about how the bank has integrated social media across its marketing efforts.

Having looked at how first direct made the case for social media in the first post, first direct’s head of brand Natalie Cowen presents five steps for getting started with social media... 


Q&A: How first direct made the case for social media

In the first of a series of three posts, we've been talking to key figures at first direct about how the bank has integrated social media across its marketing efforts.

Here, Amanda Brown, first direct’s head of public relations, talks about how the case for social media was initially put forward within the bank and the challenges involved...


How easy is it to invest online?

Pensions, as with many other financial products, can require a good deal of research before users can make a decision on which is right for them, so how easy is it to do this online? 

With the help of user testing videos from whatusersdo, we have been looking at the online user experience provided by two of the largest UK institutions, Barclays and Nationwide.

We asked users to look for products that would act as a nest egg for when they retire. Having very different online personalities, we wanted to see which fared better in their ability to gain people’s trust and understanding of options available.  

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How can banks make the most of social media?

Banking is one sector that seems to have been relatively slow to see the potential uses of social media, and there are relatively few examples of this. 

I've listed five ways that banks can benefit from the use of social media, while I've also been asking Amanda Brown from first direct about its use of social media.... 


Create social media results with utilities

Today I'll begin to reveal how service-focused businesses can move forward and realize tangible, meaningful returns using social media & mobile marketing. Results like leads, sales and increased customer value that creates loyalty. 

Here's how in two words: Build utility.


How banks can use social media and mobile apps

How are leading banks applying social media and mobile devices in ways that drive revenue and customer value? Spain's BBVA provides an excellent example of how this can be done. 

Here's a look at how they're creating qualitative outcomes for customers and profits for themselves, and how you can too...