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Screen size and security concerns among main barriers to mobile commerce: report

We’ve seen a number of research projects and studies which show that mobile traffic and search volumes are likely to overtake desktop in the next 12 months, however the same can’t be said for sales and conversions through mobile devices.

Instead consumers are increasingly using smartphones for research and price checking, before ultimately making a purchase on desktop or tablet.

We investigated the reasons behind this disparity as part of our new Mobile Commerce Compendium, with the data showing that two-thirds (64%) of smartphone owners who don’t use mobile commerce simply prefer shopping online using a desktop or tablet.

The second most-common reason proved to be difficulties with the small screen size (41%), while 39% said they are concerned about security on their phone.


Security, screen size and form filling still barriers for m-commerce

Device security, small screens and the inconvenience of entering card details are still among of the main barriers holding back m-commerce.

The findings come from a Webcredible study that conducted diary studies and in-depth interviews with 15 smartphone users.

While it probably won’t come as a surprise to smartphone owners, the study found that mobiles are best for secondary activities that require short bursts of attention and can be abandoned but easily picked up again later.

Key activities included daydreaming (i.e. searching and exploring with no real purpose), short tasks that get things out the way and help the user manage their own time better, and monitoring ongoing activities such as live bets or bids on eBay. my research, but then when I am going to buy it I do it at home”.