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What's holding back digital in the Middle East?

The latest research from the Middle East by Econsultancy indicates that the digital industry is experiencing rapid growth.

The State of Digital Marketing in the Middle East and North Africa report (supported by shows that on average, 27% of of overall marketing budget is spent on digital, up from 22% since the last report was published 10 months ago in April 2011. 

Overall, 58% of companies are planning to increase their digital marketing in 2012, and of these, 52% plan increases of at least 20%.  

Despite the impressive growth rate, there's still a long way to go, as beyond restricted budgets, company culture, reliance on traditional marketing and the lack of skills are holding back marketers from making the most of the digital opportunities in the region.

In addition, the inability to measure return on investment is thought to be a barrier by 28% of marketers this year, up from 19% in the 2011 survey. 


Six core tactics for social media managers

tacticsOver the last year we’ve seen some great innovations across the board in social media, changing the way we interact with brands online and streamlining campaign rollouts.

As trends and ideas rise and fall at an ever quickening pace, we often find ourselves running to get on board the next big thing. Signing up for new platforms and services, or utilising ever more arcane sets of metrics to track campaigns.

Here are six quick tips and tactics that can help you get ahead...


Social media marketing: what’s stopping you?

stop social mediaThere are hundreds of statistical guides showing the beneficial effects of having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any number of other networks, but the despite all the buzz there still seems to be a lag in adoption, with a large amount of small to mid-level businesses choosing to opt out of the social sphere.

It’s easy to assume this is down to a lack of knowledge regarding the benefits, but are there legitimate obstacles which are making companies decide that social media isn’t for them? 

I decided to look at some of the more common issues facing groups deciding whether or not they need a social media presence: