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New BBC Sport app is a clone of its mobile site. Should it offer more?

The BBC’s drive to become the world’s foremost digital broadcaster took another step today with the launch of a new Sport app on iOS.

We’ve followed developments at the Beeb with interest over the past 12 months, with iPlayer updates, mobile sites and apps being unveiled on what seems like a fortnightly basis.

One of its most impressive launches was the Olympics smartphone app, which offered a great user experience alongside a massive amount of content. 


BBC uses responsive design for new mobile Sport site

As part of the BBC’s move to responsive design it has launched a revamped version of its sport site that tailors content to mobile screens.

We’ve previously reviewed the BBC’s redesigned news site, and the consensus in the comments section was that it’s not technically responsive design, but is in fact adaptive design.

The main giveaways are the ‘m.’ URL and the fact that if you resize your browser on a desktop the elements on the page don’t reorder themselves.

Nonetheless, it’s great that BBC Sport now has a mobile site as it means reading live football score updates on a Saturday will be a much easier experience.

Here’s what I thought of the site...