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What is retargeting and why do you need it?

This is an exercise in trying to figure out whether or not retargeting can be done effectively and responsibly.

Much like similar posts where I looked at native advertising and content marketing, this is also a 'beginner's guide' in which I uncover what is meant by the term retargeting, how it works and what I generally consider to be 'best practice'. 

First of all, let me tell you of my own experience of retargeting and the almost detrimental effect it had on my marriage proposal.


Email marketing: why you need to review and improve

Email marketing is the communication glue within your digital marketing and all of this communication is trackable. 

Tracking gives you the ability to understand the journey between the message and the call to action, which means that you can give this journey a value. 

With this in mind, reviewing success or failure is critical so that you can affect the change in your campaigns and the actual value those campaigns are bringing.


How RS Components uses automated email FTW

RS Components distributes sometimes cool and sometimes boring electronic and industrial components.

Last week I attended Responsys Interact 2013 and listened to Harriet Mitchell, Ecommerce Behavioural Marketing Manager at RS Components.

Later that day, RS Components won the Email category at The Digitals, and so I thought I’d share the how, what and why. 

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Behavioural advertising can be a win-win for consumers and advertisers

Behavioural targeting has always been a hot topic as marketers constantly strive to understand exactly who’s interested in their product and exactly when they’re ready to buy.

Innovations in technology and onsite analytics allow marketers to tailor their online ads based on consumers’ behaviour. However, critics of behavioral advertising believe it is invasive and unethical and can become quite worrying for consumers who believe advertisers have their personal data.

However, if privacy issues can be addressed correctly, targeting provides benefits for consumers, advertisers, and publishers.


Why behavioural targeting is not the be all and end all

With many high-profile cases of behavioural targeting going awry, too many digital advertisers are seeing behavioural targeting as the be all and end all of their campaigns. 


Traffic segmentation: humble or sliced, which pie are you having?

pieOK so the idea of segmenting your customers and prospects isn't breaking news. What would make for some interesting headlines would be the percentage of businesses using segmentation effectively.

With this in mind, and with the continued increase in knowledge based content around social media and the importance to businesses being published online, I've taken a step back.


Q&A: Philip Rinn on eBay Advertising

eBay Phillip Rinn was recently appointed as Director of advertising partnerships at eBay, covering the UK, Ireland, and pan-EMEA regions.

We have been talking to Phillip about his new role at eBay Advertising and the company's plans to grow its advertising business internationally.

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