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Google TV: will it finally deliver television-web convergence?

For nearly as long as the internet has been available to the general public, entrepreneurs and technologists have dreamed of the convergence of the television and the web. From WebTV to today's internet-enabled gaming consoles, the small screen and the internet have been introduced to each other.

But the type of convergence that many have predicted and sought to create has remained elusive. The world's biggest search engine, however, hopes to change that.


Best Buy's upper management is on board with social media, but the rest of the company has proven a harder sell

Best Buy is one of the brands most known for its use of social media for customer service. The company now employs hundreds of employees that respond to customer questions and concerns via Best Buy's Twitter feed @twelpforce.

But the company continues to struggle with its approach to social media, just like everyone else. And unlike many social media strategists who complain that upper management doesn't support their efforts, Best Buy's John Bernier says that a bigger hurdle at his company is convincing everyone else in the company that social matters.


Best Buy: iPhone app review

Major US retailer Best Buy is one company that has been taking mobile commerce seriously, and the mobile site was among the examples we used in our recent Mobile E-commerce Best Practice Guide

Best Buy also has a recently updated iPhone app, so I've been trying this out, and seeing how it compares to the mobile site... 

Best Buy app


Best Buy hopes its "Twelpforce" will help increase sales in new TV ads

Retailer Best Buy has received tons of good word of mouth and press from the customer service initiative it launched this summer on Twitter, and the company is hoping to capitalize on it now. Best Buy is ramping up its advertising spend going into the holiday season with a campaign that centers on the company's Twelpforce twitter account.

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RadioShack's name change: Newer isn't always better

RadioShack has a new nickname. Starting this week, the company's new "brand creative platform" will be "The Shack." Beyond the fact that the less descriptive name is also less forward looking, the repositioning gets to a larger point. Where does a brand go when its focus becomes outdated?


Tesco opens up its DB, offers affiliates lifetime commissions

A move by Tesco may provide some hints about the state of affiliate marketing and its future.

Earlier this month, Tesco sent the 150 developers who have been working with's Grocery API an email detailing that the company was opening up its database to them and giving them the ability to build applications that could potentially generate lifelong affiliate commissions.


WalMart, Best Buy shun social media

best buyIt would make perfect sense for some big box retailers to curl up, lick, their wounds from the devastation of the 2008 holiday season, and plan for the next move. After all, reports Retail Forward today, anything that resembles improvement at retail will wait until the fourth quarter of this year.

It would also make perfect sense to take this opportunity to step it up online. The good questions to ask would regard web site experience, email marketing, customer engagement via social networks, and online marketing plans for the fall. But what we see lately is a focus on public relations, a lot of spending on in-store technology, and mobile commerce.


Best Buy 'remixes' it up with developer API

Facing perhaps the toughest economy for retailers in decades, Best Buy is turning to a new group that it thinks can help it boost sales: developers.

The consumer electronics retailer, which operates in the United States and Puerto Rico, may have gotten rid of its biggest competitor after Circuit City was forced to shut its doors but that doesn't mean that Best Buy can relax.

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