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Eight best practice tips for writing effective email copy

Over the past week, I have received a couple of pieces of email marketing that just didn’t read very well and it got me thinking about copywriting, and how vital it is to be done correctly. 

Now please don’t take this the wrong way. There was nothing exactly wrong with this particular email's copy per-se, nothing that I could put my finger on exactly.

But they just didn’t read very well and to be honest, that made me doubt the credibility of the business, let alone the marketing campaign. 

I do realize that I may be quite unique in these instances, as many people who are not interested in the industry, or indeed writing, may not notice.

To be honest, I blame my hatred of terrible spelling and grammar on Facebook and other social media platforms, where I am forced to look at it every day. It’s a shame.

However, I thought I would share my thoughts on the blog just in case anyone else agrees. And by ‘my’ thoughts, I mean some great tips taken from our Email Marketing Best Practice Guidewhich has just been released today. 


How do you build a great ecommerce team?

Launching an ecommerce channel is a no-brainer for many companies as it’s undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of building your business for the future.

But while the decision to launch an online store is a relatively easy one, knowing how and when to develop to ecommerce team is far more difficult.

To make the process easier we’ve just published our new report, Building an Ecommerce Team: A Best Practice Guide, which focuses on the challenges facing ecommerce managers as the digital channel grows and diversifies.

The guide is aimed at client-side ecommerce practitioners and includes recommendations from seasoned professionals on how to build and manage your team; how to create a framework for understanding the key challenges; and details on how changing market conditions are impacting the demands on ecommerce teams.


Stats: Who uses Pinterest and why is it important for marketers?

Pinterest has gone from being the social network of choice for hipsters and mums to an essential marketing tool in little more than 12 months.

Its focus on striking visuals and imagery makes it the perfect platform for retailers and lifestyle brands that want to share their most eye-catching content with an engaged and active community.

To help brands take advantage of this opportunity, Econsultancy has published a new Pinterest for Business Guide aimed at companies and individuals who are thinking of joining Pinterest and want to find out more about the social platform, as well as people who are currently using Pinterest and want a deeper understanding of best practice.

The 63-page document covers best practice tactics, including statistics and case studies, as well as practical tips for getting started with Pinterest and how to engage with your followers.

And to give an idea of the potential Pinterest has for marketers and ecommerce businesses, check out these stats on the social network’s usage and referrals...