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Houston we have a problem: five 404 page best practices

Running a successful website and maximizing ROI not only requires doing the big things right, but also doing the little things right. Even when attention to detail won't make or break your business, it can have a meaningful impact.

One page that publishers often don't pay enough attention to is an important one: the 404 page. While you would hope that every visitor to your website will land on the page he or she intended to land on, that's often not the case. And the page he or she is greeted with, the 404, can determine whether you lose a visitor (sometimes for life) or make lemonade out of lemons.


Dealing with freelancers: five common mistakes

If you're an entrepreneur or run a small business, chances are you've hired a freelancer or considered hiring a freelancer. And for good reason: when you don't need or can't afford an employee, freelance labor gives you access to talented workers who can take care of a specific set of tasks.

But getting the most out of freelance labor is not always easy because freelancers work differently than employees and many entrepreneurs and small businesses don't understand that. To ensure a successful relationship with a freelancer, here are five common mistakes to avoid.


The 10 Twitter Commandments

Twitter can be used for many things. From communicating with friends, family and associates to building an online profile to promoting products and services, many individuals employ Twitter for important functions.

But some of them shoot themselves in the foot by engaging in Twitter sin.


Social media and affiliate marketing: a slippery subject

Social media has opened up quite a few cans of worms. Lots of people have been forced to reevaluate how they handle certain things in light of social media's increasing prominence with consumers.

Add another can of worms to the debate: the potentially treacherous combination of social media and affiliate marketing.


Yelp gives businesses a voice

Yelp, the popular online review website that has a strong following in major US cities and launched in the UK earlier this year, has seen its fair share of controversy.

One of the biggest complaints amongst business owners: that reviews can "become a shakedown by emboldened customers or Internet trolls".

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5 simple tips for improving your media outreach

If a great product is created but nobody knows about it, does it really exist? This isn't some philosophical question without answer: of course it doesn't exist!

This is why marketing and PR is so important, especially for new businesses. Making sure people know about your product is a prerequisite for success and for obvious reasons, most new businesses see media attention as one of the best ways to introduce their products to the public.

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Online retailers squandering email opportunities

junk mail

Online retailers are getting lazy, irresponsible, and are disregarding best practices when it comes to responsible email marketing, according to a new study from Return Path.

These dire findings were based on buying items from 45 online retailers, then monitoring their transactional and promotional message streams. These emails messages were then compared with messages received by registering for the same retailers' email programs without making a purchase.


Friends don't let friends autotweet

The more I use Twitter, the more I've noticed an annoying phenomenon: the autotweet.

What are 'autotweets'? They're tweets sent in an automated fashion, usually through websites connected to Twitter via the Twitter API. The purpose of autotweets: to alert followers to new content posted on the Twitter user's website.