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There’s nothing special about Big Data

With defiance and playful glee, the statement “it’s not ‘big data’, it’s just data” bursts from the mouth of Parry Malm, Account Director of Adestra.

This room full of marketers and B2B sales people, here for Funnel 2013, are clearly in for an entertaining and iconoclastic lesson from this erudite digital marketer.

Parry Malm compares the currently in-vogue use of the term 'Big Data' to that of ‘Web 2.0’ a couple of years ago. It has created a spike of intrigue that certain web cowboys can exploit for their own benefit.

What the term 'Big Data' has done succesfully though is help to put data on the agenda at last.

But what does 'Big Data' really mean and how do you get value from it?