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64% of companies have moved beyond social media experimentation: report

According to Econsultancy's State of Social 2011 report, produced in partnership with LBi and bigmouthmedia, two-thirds of companies have moved beyond the experimental phase of their social media strategies. 

Following similar surverys in 2009 and 2010, this year’s research also shows that companies are now focused on the ‘big four’ networks. Not only this, but social media activity is more likely to be integrated with other marketing channels and across business functions.


Q&A: LBi's Ewen Sturgeon on the Bigmouthmedia deal

Ewen Sturgeon LBIAs announced yesterday, LBi and Bigmouthmedia merged to create 'Europe's largest digital agency' in a deal worth £100m. 

I've been speaking to LBi's Ewen Sturgeon, CEO UK & EMEA, to find some more details about the merger, and ask about trends in the sector in the coming year...


LBi and Bigmouthmedia announce merger

Search heavyweight Bigmouthmedia today announced a merger with LBi, one of the top digital marketing agencies, to create "Europe's largest digital agency".

In a deal worth around £100m, the two companies will come together "to offer clients digital marketing, consulting and technology services wherever they operate, all under one roof."


Internet users get search savvy

It's a general trend: search queries are getting longer. But what's going on?

New research by agency bigmouthmedia has shed some light on the phenomenon in Europe and the results are intriguing.


Taking your US search campaign to Europe

There are a number of common pit traps that American companies risk falling into as they start to push their search marketing campaigns out into Europe.


Paid search advertisers must demand transparency and IP

The UK’s most prominent paid search marketers have been up in arms this weekend after VCCP Search claimed to be the first agency to assign IP to clients.

MarketingWeek ran a story last week that started off as follows: “VCCP Search is offering its clients the opportunity to retain their intellectual property rights. The agency previously kept the rights of any search keywords it purchased on behalf of the client, but in an effort to retain clients, it is now letting them retain those rights. VCCP Search says it is the first agency to offer such a service.”