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How Evans Cycles uses QR codes in-store to deliver product details and reviews

The high street’s struggles with ecommerce and the digital age have been well publicised in the past 12 months as a number of previously dominant brands have gone to the wall. 

And in general the brands that have thrived are those that were quick to adapt and integrate digital technologies in-store, such as John Lewis and House of Fraser.

In our report How The Internet Can Save The High Street we detailed some of the new tactics and strategies that retailers should be trying to take advantage of, such as click-and-collect, mobile search, apps and QR codes.

QR codes are a much-maligned technology - particularly by us – however they can be used in-store to allow customers to access additional product information and reviews.


Email best practice: Evans Cycles shows value of collecting customer data in-store

The recent demise of once-dominant high street brands has highlighted how important it is for retailers to have an effective multichannel sales strategy.

Businesses need to be taking steps to track their customers across all touch points, which means collecting data in-store as well as online.

We previously reported data from an ExactTarget study which found that 44% of the top 95 US retailers asked customers for an email address at the checkout in-store, while 32% asked for a zip code and 27% asked for a phone number.

The value of asking for an email address was recently demonstrated to me when I bought a new bike from Evans Cycles. The cashier asked for my email address so they could send me an electronic receipt, but I have also received several marketing messages as a result.