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Microsoft wants to pay you to use Bing, again

Just a few short months ago, Microsoft decided to give up on Bing Cashback, a service that Microsoft launched with an obvious goal: expose people to Microsoft search by paying them cash back when they make a purchase through participating retailers.

It worked to a certain extent. When Microsoft originally launched its cashback initiative under the name Live Cashback, Microsoft's share of search volume jumped.


Microsoft gives up on Bing Cashback

With Bing, Microsoft has achieved far more in search than many believed it was capable of. But just because Microsoft has managed to beat lowered expectations doesn't mean that Bing is doing for Microsoft what it hoped it would.

Citing a lack of the "broad adoption that we had hoped for", Microsoft announced Friday that it was shuttering Bing Cashback, which was a big part of Bing's shopping vertical search.