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A negative SEO case study: how to spot an attack & fix it

While compiling our annual end-of-year round up of search trends I noted that several of our esteemed experts mentioned negative SEO. 

This refers to a sneaky tactic where people create a load of spammy links to a competitor’s site so they end up being penalised by Google.


What were the biggest SEO trends from 2014?

What’s that? You want one more SEO trends roundup before the end of the year?

Well, okay then, but this is your last one.

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Express Group turns to selling links, big companies caught buying

How bad is the newspaper business hurting? If the shameless link selling the Express Group is engaging in on its websites is any indication, newspapers have it pretty bad.

The sales team at the Express Group has been sending emails to SEOs promoting the company's "SEO advertorials", which are little more than keyword-rich articles published on, and that the Express Group is willing to pepper with paid links.