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Blocked! Google takes a page from Blekko

Blocked! Google takes a page from Blekko

Recently, Google has stepped up its effort to improve the quality of its SERPs. But despite its effort, which seems as concerted as it is genuine, one thing is clear: there's only so much that can be done.

Google can't uncover every paid link, and even after cracking down on content farms, there are those who think it hasn't done enough.


Blekko bans content farms, but should Google follow suit?

Blekko may not be a big player in the search space, but the upstart search engine is trying to make a name for itself by playing up its focus on eliminating web spam and content farms from its SERPs.

The company's timing couldn't have been better: Google is increasingly criticized over the quality of its search results, and many say the search market's 800 pound gorilla isn't doing enough to crack down on those who look to game it for profit.