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Nine tips for awesome blogger relations

Effective Blogger Relations is essential to brands these days. The high degree of trust of consumers in blogs, and the ability of bloggers to influence purchase decisions, make it hard to overstate the importance of this discipline.

Blogger relations are as important as they are delicate. Gaining positive coverage from bloggers is harder than being secretly criticised, publicly flamed or simply ignored.

Here are nine tips that will increase the chances of success from your Blogger Relations programme...


9 examples of great blogger relations

Last week Sally Whittle wrote about the ‘top 5 amazing PR offers’ sitting in her inbox at the time, taking a comical dig at some bad examples of blogger engagement in the process.

Her advice is valid, and I suggest taking a read, but it’s a shame that it’s usually the poor examples of blogger relations that often inspire such pieces.

It’s really not rocket science. Do your research, read the blog, offer the blogger something that’s interesting or more importantly, relevant - and try not to buy them off in the process. The ‘treating bloggers like people’ stuff also applies, but that’s largely just common decency that should be applied to any communications - so doesn’t classify as a rule of blogger engagement for me. 

As such, I’ve put together a selection of examples of great collaborations below.

Stats should, as always, be taken with a pinch of salt – since the real benefit of this kind of activity is usually longer term. But in some cases, there are some figures to back up particular campaigns.