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Case Study: Growing Sprint's Family Connections with BlogHer and Momspotting

Moms might not be the first demographic that comes to mind when you think about hitech smartphones, but women (and moms) are often the ones who make and influence household purchasing decisions. That's something that Sprint took heed of when starting to market its Sprint Overdrive.

The company worked with women's blog network BlogHer and enlisted a handful of moms to become brand embassadors for Sprint's new line of products. The result? A 250% increase in brand lift.


FTC: Brands are on the hook for blogger endorsements

The Federal Trade Commission made waves last October with new disclosure guidelines for endorsements online. Repeatedly, the group has expressed surprise that consumers and brands reacted so strongly. From their perspective, the guidelines simply elucidated rules that were already in place.

At BlogHer Business '10 in New York on Thursday, Stacey Ferguson, senior attorney in the Division of Advertising Practices at the FTC, reiterated that fact. But while the guidelines may not have changed any of the FTC's rules on endorsements, they brought increased scrutiny without clear enforcement rules. And it looks like the FTC still doesn't have any clarity on that part.

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BlogHer '09 reveals the ugly side of social media

Social media can be a great tool but there's an ugly side. Because of the nature of social media, its commercialization has raised a number of issues around subjects like disclosure and integrity.

The reality is that paying to play is an easy and effective way for brands to get into the social media game. The downsides of this were demonstrated quite well at this year's BlogHer conference.


What's bad for the economy is good for advertising to women

Advertisers and marketers may not know how to communicate with moms online, but they're going to be sending a lot more advertising their way in the coming months.

Women's sites are performing very well in the online ad category, and as the recession deepens, that trend is likely to increase.

Advertising is down across most sectors and many forecasts expect flat growth in online advertising this year, but female focused sites are an exception.