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One of my new favourite web tools is called, a kickass URL shortener with a difference.

Essentially, is, backed by the interesting folks at Betaworks, is a next-gen version of TinyURL, replete with some advanced features that you might find useful.

And where TinyURL has stood still, has innovated...


An online PR wallchart for your viewing pleasure

Roger Warner at Content & Motion has devised a handy cut-out-and-keep wallchart to help define and explain online PR.

Online PR Wallchart


Gary Vaynerchuk on video, social media and Twitter

Gary Vaynerchuk is director of operations at Wine Library, a wine retailer, and is perhaps more widely known in internet marketing circles for his videos, where he primarily delivers insights into topics related to social media.

He is also the face behind Wine Library TV, the video-based wine tasting blog that has done much to help transform the Wine Library business into a $50m-a-year retailer, from $4m six years ago.

Gary is a blast...

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Wired says bloggers should make like Calacanis and quit

Wired’s senior editor Paul Boutin has climbed aboard the 'blogging is dead' train, pointing to Jason Calacanis’ decision to quit blogging as a primary reason to bail out.

The article starts: “Thinking about launching your own blog? Here's some friendly advice: Don't. And if you've already got one, pull the plug.”


The Web Week in Review

Earnings season is in full swing and while there were a few pieces of "serious" news that I found interesting, it was a story of a virtual murder from Japan that took the cake.


Is Nokia guilty of SEO PR astroturfing / comment spamming?

Has Nokia bee n a victim of brand sabotage or agency heavy-handedness? Because something is very amiss in the way it is conducting its social media / SEO strategy.


Can Twitter make money?

Even as a hardened skeptic of the microblogging service Twitter, I cannot deny that it has built up a passionate if not mainstream userbase.

Putting aside the reasons why I personally think Twitter is a waste of time, the real problem for the site is that it doesn't yet have a business model.


Downturn! Ramp up your PR and marketing budgets!

I spotted a good post by PR Squared’s Todd Defren on the value of retaining a PR agency during an economic downturn.

Based on the principle that it is a wise move to invest in marketing activities during a recession, and picking up on some advice in Sequoia’s recent ‘RIP Good Times’ event, the post contains five key reasons why you need to be aggressive when it comes to your PR strategy.

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The blog that sold for $15m and the value of SEO

In all of the chaos that is the global economy, a story about the sale of a blog for $15m probably received less attention than it would have under different circumstances.

22 year-old Johns Wu started the Bankaholic blog in 2006 to help individuals obtain the best rates for bank savings products.


Google Trends: a means to fast search engine traffic?

There was an interesting post yesterday on TechCrunch about the use of Google Trends to drive editorial.

Apparently, a number of publishers are leveraging the data from Google Trends to find hot keyword trends, and taking advantage of the blazing speed at which Google spiders new content on blogs and content sites to produce content catered specifically to those hot keywords.


CNN takes heat for Jobs rumor but who's really to blame?

Billions of dollars in market cap. Gone. In minutes.

It wouldn't be surprising to learn of Apple shareholder heart attacks after a rumor that Apple CEO Steve Jobs suffered a massive one resulted in a quick but rapid drop in Apple's stock price last Friday.


Reputation monitoring on the cheap

Online reputation monitoring is a growing market and there are a number of companies offering such solutions.

Yet some are overkill for most businesses and many firms simply can't justify the costs.