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16+ of the best things to happen to the internet in 2013

To bring karmic balance after yesterday’s bile-dripping 15 worst things to happen to the internet in 2013, here’s a bumper crop of joy.

It’s all very well looking forward to next year and seeing what technological advancements will improve our lives significantly in the future, but if we don’t look back at what came before and collate them in an arbitrary order within the confines of a blog-post, then surely we are doomed to repeat our mistakes because we didn’t spend long enough dwelling over our collective achievements

And if that’s not a specious excuse for a list-based round-up of the year, then call me Alex Zane and give me a job of presenting mediocre YouTube videos on the telly at 2am.

Here are the best things to happen to the internet in 2013, in our award-winning content team’s not-quite-so-humble opinion.

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Like a Rolling Stone: five amazing interactive music videos

This week, the irascible and increasingly innovative Mr Robert Allen Zimmerman (that's Bob Dylan to you and me) unveiled a music video the world has been waiting 48 years to see.

'Like a Rolling Stone', the opening track from Highway 61 Revisted and to date the most successful single of Dylan's career, has been reinvented as a brilliantly satirical and cunningly re-watchable interactive music video.

Using a television set featuring 16 channels worth of programming that you can flick through, all containing various television presenters, soap opera actors, reality TV stars, game show hosts and even rapper Danny Brown, all lip syncing along to Dylan's original track.

It's not only a fitting tribute to the song in its bitter incongruity but also quite a seamless technological marvel.

Click on the image below to hear The Price is Right's co-presenter telling you how you now don't seem so proud about 'scrounging for your next meal'... 

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