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Q&A: Patrice Lamothe of Pearltrees on personal organisation of the web

Believe me when I say you've never used a web application quite like pearltrees. With this application, you can literally map your personal web. Take all of the bookmarks scattered across your web browser, assign them a category and you've got a pearltree. It's a new way of seeing the web. Think of it as Web 2.5.

Pearltrees was the darling of the 2009 LeWeb conference, which included a keynote and product demonstration by pearltrees CEO Patrice Lamothe (no relation). During the presentation, he showed this video explaining how pearltrees works.

I met Patrice while in Paris at the LeWeb conference. A few months have passed and pearltrees has continued to grow. I decided to find out what has changed and how the application has grown since its unveiling at LeWeb...

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Six ways for online retailers to use social media

A quick survey of Hitwise’s list of top UK online retailers shows that adoption of social media is patchy to say the least. The recent hype around Twitter and Facebook has clearly caught their attention with 69% and 50% respectively having a profile.

However, a measly 31% use blogging and social bookmarking and, surprisingly, only 25% use product reviews. Even when social media is being used, it is not always obvious. Debenhams, for example, has a blogTwitterand Facebook page, not that you would know that from their homepage.