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How to build a brand online: Tips from Kickstarter, Zalando & more

With social media, mobile devices and the internet in general growing more pervasive and integral to life every passing day, ecommerce brands are faced with a situation befitting that of a greek tragedy.

On the one hand, the digital age has created potential audiences that outnumber anything the world has seen before.

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Identity as a search ranking factor

Your personal and brand identity are both influencers on your visibility in search engines. How and to what extent does the power of your brand affect your rankings?

When discussing search engine ranking factors it can be easy to overlook the impact of identity and how it influences the results we see.

The idea of identity as a ranking factor is also linked to social metrics as the ‘strength’ of your identity on social networks can go a long way towards the display of trust and authority.


The importance of supporting employees in social media

Corporate communications has the double challenge of communicating internal messages while ever building the company brand. A third challenge presents itself when corporations implement company-wide social media initiatives because employees need more direction for a united, consistent result. 

How can corporate communications help employees help their company by using social media in a united, consistent way?


The value of affiliate marketing today

Based out of the 7thingsmedia New York office, I was glad to attend this week's Linkshare affiliate network Symposium

The networking-heavy event had various sessions that were packed with affiliate insights, tips and best practice processes.

However, one session which particularly caught my interest was with Andy Hoar from Forrester Research on the Direct and Indirect value that affiliates deliver to advertisers.


The 10 things you need to build a brand

There's a lot of talk about 'branding' these days. But not every company is a 'brand' in the modern sense of the word.

So what's required to turn your company into a brand? Here are 10 things that you should have.