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A simple tip for improving your brand tone of voice guidelines

As consumers we expect brands to speak to us in a consistent tone of voice. 

We want communications that reflect each brand’s personality and fit within a defined set of characteristics.

We don’t, for example, expect Paddy Power to come over all serious and conscientious, much as it would be a shock to the system if Dior became cheeky and self-deprecating.

But finding and maintaining a tone of voice can be a difficult challenge, particularly when writing copy for a broad range of digital and print communications.

I recently attended the Econsultancy Advanced Online Copywriting Training Course where the rather excellent trainer, Tim Fidgeon, showed us a useful task for helping to identify the correct tone of voice for your brand.

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How to choose a format for your brand guidelines

Your brand guidelines and brand manual are the most important documents your company will ever produce.

A bold statement, but the truth is that these documents are your brand ‘bible’. They communicate why you exist, tell your brand stories, and communicate how it should be expressed.

Everyone tasked with communicating your brand should be consulting these instruction manuals whenever they are creating branded materials.

In many businesses the reality is somewhat different. Time and effort are spent creating brand guidelines, only for them to be left on someone’s hard drive or copies printed, distributed and ‘filed’ in the bottom of the marketing team’s drawers.

Brand consistency suffers as people may not thoroughly understand the brand.