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Reimagining customer loyalty: Why it's about more than just a store card

There are indications that the level of interest towards brand loyalty remains increasingly strong.

Do a quick search in Google Trends and interest in the topic of ‘customer loyalty’ shows signs of steady growth after the 2008 recession.


The importance of analysing your user journey

Online marketing has rapidly matured over the last few years and we now know more about how to engage directly with customers than ever before.

It can be a somewhat cumbersome task, as you need to know where to start and where to get the most benefit out of the time you invest.

A good starting point is to focus on the user journey to see how your customers and potential customers interact with you.

Break down your online strategy into these five areas to make it easy and reach the desired results. 


Why your best social media strategy might be not having one

Facebook and Twitter have become powerful marketing tools for many brands. But where there are tremendous opportunities, there can also be serious risks.

I’ve watched with fascination as an increasing number of companies invest in social media marketing without pausing to think through the outcomes of this approach. This post reviews four good reasons why you should pause for thought as you embark on your own social strategy.


Social Media: Knowing "why" is much more powerful than knowing "what"

Knowing what people have done is ok. Behavioural data, as interesting as it is, is a lagging indicator. It's a bit like sitting in a car and looking out of the rear can seen where you have been, but not where you're going.

Apply this to an online/social web environment and analytics (onsite and buzz monitoring) provide us with the rear window perspective.

But what if you could find out why people behave in a certain way? What their objective is; how they associate their identity with brands, their own personal values etc. This would give you a much more powerful set of information, wouldn't it?