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How talent and distribution can make or break your digital content strategy

I spoke to a client recently who was forced, through brand politics and limited budgets, to repurpose her TV ad into display media.

Separately, she had a test budget to generate earned media via a content campaign using a well-known music streaming platform.

Neither campaign shared creative or messaging. So, what happened?


Office Depot tries to supplement the Sunday circular with an online show

It's no secret that despite the recession and shrinking overall budgets, major advertisers continue to shift ad dollars to online.

Earlier this month, Nielsen reported that in Q1, spending on local Sunday supplements fell 37.7% in the United States. A perfect example of how some of that spend is making its way online can be found with Office Depot.


Era of branded video entertainment dawns

If 2008 was the year when everything was coming up ad networks, 2009 may well be the year of branded video entertainment.

Interactive channels are rapidly closing the purchase influence gap between TV and Web-based forms of advertising and marketing, while meanwhile the small screen is assuming more or less equal precendence with the boob tube. (Just consider the number of people who wached the inauguration of Barack Obama online this week.)