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15 best branded Instagram videos from December 2015

What better way to ease yourself into the new year than with a round-up of some lovely eye-catching video content.

This month we’ll be covering everything from orbital space exploration to expertly slicing a clementine. It’s an emotional roller coaster. 


The 10 types of online video that brands should embrace with gusto

Online video consumption has doubled in the space of a year, and this rate of growth may well continue for some time to come. It provides brands with a huge opportunity to engage consumers.

Smartphone penetration has helped, though I think the real reason why online video is doing so well is linked to the ease with which videos can be shared. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are perfect for passing around videos.

So what should brands be doing about this? How can they make the most of this trend towards richer, smarter, more interactive video content?

I have 10 ideas for you to peruse, with plenty of examples, to show you what the smarter brands are doing.