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Is Nielsen overhyping Facebook?

An interesting post by Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch details how Nielsen has been "gushing" about Facebook since it partnered with the giant social network on a service called BrandLift, which is designed to help advertisers measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns on the site.

One report Nielsen issued after it teamed up with Facebook highlights just how much time consumers are spending on social networks, and Facebook in particular. Another provided data showing that affluent consumers are more likely to be using it than MySpace. The obvious question: is Nielsen presenting objective data to advertisers or is it overhyping its newest partner?

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Facebook partners with Nielsen on BrandLift

Facebook may have made it into the black this month, but proving to the press and marketers that its ads work is another story. To hasten that process, the social netowrk has teamed up with Nielsen to to poll users on the ads they are served and package that data for advertisers.

Nielsen's polls provide skewed samples across platforms — because viewers that opt-in to respond to them are not emblematic of all viewers — but it should still provide a good proving ground for Facebook ads.

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