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Brands in Public: forget brandjacking, it's really about value

Seth Godin is taking a lot of heat for Squidoo's new service, Brands in Public. To many, Brands in Public is little more than a brandjacking service. As my colleague Meghan Keane put it: "Give Squidoo $400 a month. Or your brand gets it."

In my opinion, the criticism being leveled at Brands in Public is justified but it has far more to do with value than brandjacking.


Give Squidoo $400 a month. Or your brand gets it.

Controlling what people say about you on the web and in social media is an impossible task, but Seth Godin's Squidoo has a plan to help brands focus and filter their online reputation. For a price.

Starting today, Squidoo, the online community that allows users to create pages — "lenses" — on a variety of topics, has launched a service called Brands in Public, where it will create pages for brands populated with scraped content from blogs, Twitter, Facebook, news sites, forum posts and a whole lot of other places. 

If brands would like to control their content on said pages, they can. For $400 a month.