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Omnichannel's biggest challenge: privacy?

With consumers increasingly expecting seamless experiences across channels, brick-and-mortar retailers are recognizing they may have an advantage over online competitors which have, thus far, countered only with delivery lockers and improved shipping capabilities.

Physical stores, of course, may be an advantage, but they don't guarantee success. To seize the omnichannel advantage, retailers of all shapes and sizes will need to do more to bridge the gap between the online and offline words.


Brick-and-mortar retailers making big gains in the SERPs: report

Brick-and-mortar retailers may face challenges in competing online, but pure-play online retailers that think they've won the ecommerce game shouldn't count out their old-school competitors.

In fact, in some product categories, brick-and-mortar retailers are starting to beat out pure-play retailers.

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Borders: another victim of the internet?

Bricks and mortar may not be dead, but another high-profile offline retailer filed for bankruptcy yesterday.

Borders, one of the largest book retailers in the United States, simply didn't have enough money to survive in its current form. So it's going into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will emerge a lot leaner, and perhaps a bit smarter.


Amazon to set up shop on high street?

Rumors surfaced this weekend that online retail giant is secretly planning to open its own stores on high street. Citing unnamed property owners, the Sunday Times reported that Amazon "is understood to be scouring the country for high-profile sites".

The rumored purpose: Amazon wants to give its customers the ability to order online and pick up in-store. Major brick-and-mortar retailers have seen their own 'click-and-collect' services gain steam and it doesn't take a leap of faith to imagine that Amazon sees its inability to deliver a similar service as a potential threat to its competitiveness.