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How in-store tech improves customer service for Schuh

There are obvious benefits to endless aisle technology, click and collect and a single view of stock. However, there are other in-store considerations when trying to improve customer service.

How to increase speed of service in-store? How to increase customer and staff satisfaction? Online and offline considerations continue to blur, as ecommerce benefits from bricks and mortar, and vice versa.

Stuart McMillan, Deputy Head of Ecommerce at Schuh, is a regular commenter on the Econsultancy blog and kindly showed a few of the Econsultancy team around Schuh's Marble Arch store in London last week. 

With in-store customer experience and flexible fulfillment increasingly on the agenda for retailers, here's a round-up of what I learned from Schuh.


10 inspiring uses of mobile in retail

Mobile is growing and forward-thinking retailers are looking at ways to use mobile to increase sales, bring customers into stores, or to enhance the experience when people are shopping. 

I've rounded up ten great examples of mobile use in retail from around the world.

Mobile commerce sites are an obvious one but there are plenty of other ways to use mobile, such as to take payments, help customers navigate stores, and more...


Seven reasons why retailers should offer in-store pickup

In-store pickup, or BOPS (Buy Online, Pick Up in Store) is offering customers the chance to buy or reserve items for collection in bricks and mortar stores. 

It has proved to be very popular in the UK, but perhaps less so in the US (so far at least). 

However, for any online retailer with a bricks and mortar presence, it's a very useful tactic, and one which can just give them the edge over online-only rivals like Amazon. 

Here's why you should consider it... 


12 common mistakes to avoid for offline retailers moving into ecommerce

Retail and e-tail collide creating internal chaos for bricks and mortar retailers. The result is a non-performing channel.

Ecommerce is a long term strategic play, and must be thought of as a business channel not to be rushed.

Bricks and mortar retailers venturing into ecommerce find themselves stuck in this chaotic period characterised by poor profitable performance, marred with consumer complaints, operational inefficiency, and no proactive management.  

The entire business is reactive to the problems it creates.

Sound familiar??