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In mobile, it's not apps versus the web. It's both.

Is 2010 the year that the mobile browser will finally overcome the mighty app to proclaim dominance in the mobile space?

Not likely. At Digiday: Mobile in New York on Monday, it became clear that while the mobile web has made a lot of progress over the last year, apps aren't going away any time soon.

Moreover, there are a lot of mobile marketers who believe one cannot exist without the other. For those of you who had hoped to save some money by focusing mobile dollars in one space — sorry.


The future of mobile: Can apps and browsers make a truce?

With Apple's growing line of mobile products, publishers, gamers and retailers are falling all over themselves to get a mobile application into the iTunes store.

But for companies expecting to pad their bottom lines with app revenue, that payout is far from guaranteed.

And the din of voices disparaging the appconomy is growing louder.


Q&A: Claire Boonstra, co-founder of Layar

Is augmented reality a mobile killer app? Already, brands are experimenting with it and the opportunities to apply augmented reality to a variety of applications are intriguing.

One startup that's attracted attention recently in the space is Amsterdam-based Layar, which has created an augmented reality 'browser'.

I spoke to Layar co-founder Claire Boonstra to learn more about Layar and the business potential of augmented reality...

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