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Does the world need a social web browser?

Move over Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. If a new browser startup backed by Netscape co-founder Mark Andreessen's VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz, has its way, consumers will soon be surfing the internet in a far more social way.

RockMelt, which is launching in beta, is "challenging the conventional assumption that a browser is all about navigating pages."

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Will snazzy web fonts soon be a reality?

It's somewhat amazing to think that despite the technological advancement seen on the web over the past decade, web designers are still pretty much relegated to using a relatively small group of web safe fonts when designing websites.

While it's easy to forget about the role fonts play in creating a compelling aesthetic, any decent print designer, for instance, knows just how important they can be.


Web browser fingerprints — a new tracking method no one uses

Consumers and privacy advocates are forever concerned about the ways they can be tracked online. But it looks like one effective method has not gotten much attention to date: the browser. According to a new study from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, 84% of browsers have an "instantaneously unique fingerprint." What's more? Efforts to disguise a browser might actually make consumers more easily identifiable.

Now if only companies were using this information for nefarious purposes, we'd have a real privacy issue on our hands.

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12 reasons Chrome OS will fail

Yesterday, Google held a press conference at its Mountain View headquarters to provide the world with an update on its new operating system, Chrome OS.

A lot of new details were forthcoming, which have have been well-covered by others. The questions on everyone's mind: is Chrome OS the real deal? Where does it fit in? How will it impact the OS market. My answers: it isn't, nowhere, it won't. Here are 12 reasons why Chrome OS is going to fail.


Microsoft to European Commission: we'll let consumers pick a browser

To appease the European Commission in its pending antitrust case over the tying of Internet Explorer and Windows, Microsoft initially planned to release a version of Windows 7 in Europe that would be browser-free. That would ensure that consumers had the ability to choose a browser freely.

But a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft reversed course and proposed an alternative solution: a "ballot screen" that would enable consumers in the EU to select their browser of choice.


Much ado about nothing: Google Chrome OS

By now, you've probably heard the news: Google has finally made its move in the OS arena. Google Chrome OS is on its way and Google is taking aim at a market in which Microsoft's grip seems tenuous: netbooks.

Not surprisingly, the buzz has begun. Complete, of course, with sensational headlines like the one that declares Google has dropped a "nuclear bomb" on Microsoft.


What will HTML 5 mean for Flash?

Little more than a decade ago, you were hot stuff if you called yourself an "HTML programmer". HTML as a markup language is great at what it was designed to do but today's web is about rich internet applications.

RIA technologies such as Flash, Silverlight and JavaFX do what HTML can't. But HTML 5 could change that and lately, this has some asking the question: could HTML 5 make RIA technologies like Flash obsolete?


Internet Explorer 8: a review

The latest update to Microsoft's browser was released yesterday, with features like Accelerators and web slices added to improve on the previous version.

I currently use Firefox over Internet Explorer for various reasons, including the fact that it rarely crashes, as well the useful add-ons, so should Mozilla be worried about its users switching to IE8?

Econsultancy on IE8

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