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Evony invites far more trouble with libel lawsuit

Online game company Evony may not like the negative attention it has garnered online recently, but the company is about to get a lot more scrutiny after filing a libel lawsuit claiming defamation by the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper and gaming marketer Bruce Everiss.

Evony recently drew media attention for a series of racy online ads. The multiplayer game may not have a lot of scantily clad women its game, but over a series of weeks, the company increasingly relied on semi undressed females in ads promoting itself online, eventually just cribbing pics out of lingerie catalogs and putting links to its site next to cleavage.

The company's methods led The Guardian to write an article titled "Has Evony become the most despised game on the web?" The company's owner took none too well to such allegations and has since sued for libel. Taking advantage of the country's favorable libel laws, Evony filed the suit in Australia. But while suing down under may have legal advantages for the company, it is only going to bring increased scrutiny on their business methods. And that is not likely to be a good thing.