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Five New Year’s resolutions for marketers

It may not seem all that surprising, but research shows that only 8% of people who make resolutions each January actually achieve them.

However, no matter the success rate, each year we make certain promises to ourselves to be better than we were the year before – both in our personal and business lives.

Some of the most common resolutions for bettering oneself are not all that far off from our brand goals. Read on to learn how marketers can apply the most common new year’s resolutions to 2015 marketing plans. 


A framework to allocate marketing spend using audience segmentation

2015 is approaching and we are in the middle of budgeting times in many corporations.  

More than ever, digital marketing budgets will concentrate the attention of CMOs and CEOs, driven by such public declaration as that of Jean Paul Agon at L’Oreal (the  world’s third biggest advertiser) that digital will account for 15% of L'Oréal's marketing spend  in 2015.

Media will naturally continue to take the lion’s share and Carat is predicting a healthy 15% increase in digital media investments in 2015.

Effective budgeting and forecasting tools

Intelligent levers: foolproof your budget requests

Most people in digital are now au fait with the idea of attribution modelling, if not the reality, but in the year of 'big data', how many of us are really crunching the numbers to identify the key periods in which to invest?

I'm not talking about knowing when the peaks are and throwing money at them. I'm talking about really understanding when you need to invest in order to assist that peak before it's even happened.

Think lead times. Think objectives. Think overall channel attribution.

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Five B2B sales lessons companies learn the hard way

For most B2B companies, if you're not out selling, you're probably not winning.

Unfortunately, selling successfully is often easier than it looks and there are a number of hard truths companies are likely to encounter at some part of the sales cycle.

Here are five of the most important lessons...