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Will social centers of excellence succeed? Part 2

You would think being a corporate program, one that perhaps even reports into the CMO, would in itself ensure broad acceptance and/or adoption of the social media Center of Excellence's programs and policies. Alas, that is rarely the case. 


Will social Centers of Excellence succeed? Part 1

Social media consulting assignments fall into three categories: strategic consulting, training, and/or setting up "Centers of Excellence." I've been hearing the term "Center of Excellence' so frequently it seems everyone who’s anyone in enterprise social media will be wearing one this Fall. Great news: it signals broader social media adoption, companies are becoming not just 'doing,' more social. Not so great news: most efforts are likely to fumble if not fail, as undoubtedly firms will rely on their existing social marketing agencies, assuming this is more of the same, only internally facing. Most assuredly (having myself set up and led several similar efforts) it's not.