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Three takeaways on data-driven marketing from our Singapore roundtables

I had the pleasure of hosting two roundtables on data-driven marketing at the Econsultancy and IBM BusinessConnect 2015 event in Singapore.

Digital marketers got together and discussed their challenges around undertaking a true data-driven approach to marketing within their organisations.

Three clear concerns kept popping up and they are not unique to the attendees of the event. So it's worthwhile to explore these and look at how they can be overcome.


Six personalisation and data-driven marketing trends from Malaysia

Earlier this month Econsultancy and IBM hosted a roundtable event in Kuala Lumpur where delegates were invited to discuss challenges and opportunities around marketing data.

I’ve already written up the main talking points from the marketing performance management table, and now here is a summary of the conversations that took place on the data-driven marketing and personalisation roundtables.

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Marketing performance management in Singapore: key trends and talking points

At Econsultancy and IBM’s BusinessConnect event in Singapore last week I moderated discussions focusing on marketing performance management.

It was one of three roundtables, with the others focusing on personalisation and data-driven marketing.


Five key points from our personalisation roundtables in Singapore

Personalisation is widely accepted as an effective method of making marketing messages more relevant, which then helps to improve the impact and ROI.

But how can we move beyond basic tactics such as personalised email greetings and ‘users who bought this also bought’ product recommendations?


Five key marketing performance management trends in Malaysia

Earlier this week Econsultancy and IBM hosted six roundtables in Kuala Lumpur as part of the BusinessConnect 2015 series of events.

The discussion centred around three important topics in digital marketing – data-driven marketing, personalisation, and marketing performance management.