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Five areas businesses spend too much or too little

What single characteristic do successful companies share? The ability to allocate resources effectively.

Effective resource allocation maximizes return and minimizes waste. Yet allocating resources effectively is harder than it looks. There are a lot of motivations to overspend in certain areas and underspend in others. Here are five areas in which companies overspend, and five areas in which companies often underspend.


Staying cool and making money can be hard to do

Mobile location-based social network and gaming service Foursquare has been generated a bit of buzz lately, especially amongst the early adopter crowd. In just under a year, it has amassed a user base of 300,000, and with deals like the one it recently signed with television network Bravo, some believe Foursquare may be ready to hit the mainstream.

That's good news for the company and its investors, but as Foursquare starts exploring the commercial opportunities that come with popularity, it may find that maintaining the 'cool' factor and maximizing commercial opportunities at the same time is a difficult thing to do.