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Cord cutting is real. Even if cable companies won't acknowledge it yet.

Cable companies may have some very intricate ways of protecting their television business, but holding media companies to very strict partnership deals isn't going to retain subscribers forever. In addition to competition from telecoms and satellite providers, cable companies are dealing with consumers who don't want to pay their steep monthly TV bills.

But according to The New York Times, Americans are not giving up on their cable. That assessment doesn't account for the latest quarterly estimates. Or the large numbers of people who aren't cutting their cable so much as avoiding it entirely.

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Facebook fails customer satisfaction test

Facebook's recent privacy issues haven't put a dent in the social network's traffic or user levels, but if a new study from ForeSee Results and the American Customer Satisfaction Index has anything to do with it, that might be changing. The study found the social network ranked close to cable companies and airlines in terms of customer satisfaction. And according to Foresee, customer satisfaction is a pretty clear indicator of future corporate success.