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Are your international domains competing against each other for search rankings?

Lots of companies have different international domains serving similar content and pages, but are they working against each other? 

Here, I'll show examples from three companies, showing how their international domains are actually competing for the same search terms, as well as how to solve this problem. 


How semantic flux is harming Currys and PC World's search rankings

In a recent post, I talked about why internal links and hub pages are a vital factor for SEO, as this helps avoid the problem of pages on the same site 'cannibalising' each other's search rankings. 

In this article, i'll look at how cannibalisation and semantic flux are affecting search rankings for separate, but related sites. 

The examples I use here are PC World/Currys and Tescobank/Tescocompare. Each brand is cannibalising its own rankings in different ways.