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ASOS homepage

ASOS's new homepage puts emphasis on content marketing

At the end of last week ASOS unveiled a new design for its men’s and women’s category pages, with a strong focus on product ideas and fashion content.

The retailer has totally overhauled the old homepage, which had a fairly standard layout with product categories down the left and a large carousel promoting various ranges.

It’s certainly a bold revamp and requires a lot of scrolling to take it all in, but it’s not too dissimilar to H&M’s ’& Other Stories’ off-shoot.

We write a lot about ASOS on Econsultancy, largely because it’s one of the best in the business. So to find out more about the retailer’s wider ecommerce strategy read our blog posts on its excellent on-site SEO and how it uses Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

Or for more on its new homepage, read on...

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How can ecommerce carousels be more effective?

I wrote a post on the use of carousels on ecommerce sites earlier this year, and the general consensus was negative towards them, with some feeling that such space could be put to better use. 

However, is this just because many carousels haven't been implemented properly?

In his latest Alertbox post, Jakob Nielsen looks at how to make them more effective. Here are some of his suggestions, and examples of good implementation from ecommerce sites. 


Carousels on ecommerce sites: are they worth bothering with?

Carousels on ecommerce sites are now commonplace, but are they useful for retailers? 

In theory, they offer a chance for sites to put multiple messages in prime postion on homepage, but there are drawbacks. 

I've been looking at the potential problems with carousels, as well as asking ecommerce professionals for their views...