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How Vodafone increased conversions by integrating channels

Fully integrating channels in a customer marketing program or campaign is not easy.

In fact, the recent Econsultancy/ CACI Integrated Customer Experience report showed that despite 90% of companies wanting to integrate across channel, only 20% actually have a well-developed strategy.

Even when there is a strategy, implementing it is a process laden with obstacles. The most common problem for businesses is the complexity of a customer's interaction across multiple channels, departments and systems.

Related to this issue is the fact that multiple departments need to be aligned on planning and change activities required. This cross-departmental responsibility creates resource allocation and control issues.


Content marketing: nine channels to promote your content

Merely publishing on your blog isn’t enough.

You’ll need a diversified content marketing spread and that means generating content for many channels as well as your own properties. 

How does this content spread pan out? What are the different avenues for content marketing? Leaving the default content publication channels such as company website, blog, and social media, how do you spread the net far and wide for maximum impact?

Here are some ways to go about it:


The rise of video in 2013

As companies further embrace the need for content, video is becoming a bigger part of editorial calendars and content teams.

Gone are the days of shooting a 10 minute interview and slapping it up on YouTube. Consumers' tastes have become more sophisticated and short form video content has become our brain candy.

But what will 2013 bring the industry in terms of video?

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Is Google's YouTube original content push failing?

In late 2011, Google announced that it would invest $100m in developing original content for YouTube. The idea: team up with the most promising homegrown YouTube sensations, Hollywood studios, celebrities, brands and agencies to answer the question, "What comes after television?"

Since that time, YouTube has continued to forge partnerships, develop new content in desirable markets and evolve the YouTube user experience around 'channels.'


Five signs your business is not ready for social media

Your business won’t survive unless you embrace social media.

Countless business owners have heard these words. Is there any truth to them? Perhaps in some instances. But in far more, social media, no matter how important, is still something that should be approached thoughtfully and strategically.


Making multichannel marketing meaningful

A friend of mine who is a marketer once remarked that multichannel marketing is a lot like sex: just about everybody wants to do it, but until you really know what you're doing, it can be a bit of a disappointment once it happens.

One of the most disappointing things about multichannel marketing campaigns is that, in retrospect, they turn out to be meaningless exercises. A lot of excitement gives way to confusion and the reality that what you expected isn't what you got. And that's assuming you expected something in the first place.


Social media: where PR becomes 'customer care'

AT&T has a lucrative exclusive for the iPhone in the United States. But that has proven to be a double-edged sword. While the iPhone has helped AT&T acquire lots and lots of customers, it has also strained the company's network. Regardless of whether or not that's entirely AT&T's fault, network issues have led to a significant number of unhappy customers.

Improving its image is a top priority for the company. But how should it go about that?