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Foursquare and IFC make mobile check-ins a little more useful

Foursquare is getting a leg up in the geo-location wars. And I'm not talking about its recent cash infusion of $20 million — though that certainly won't hurt. Today, the company announced a partnership with the Independent Film Channel that will help populate Foursquare with IFC approved tips and information. 

If Foursqaure wants to broaden its user base — a must if it expects to break out of its niche demographic of techie fans — this is exactly the kind of content strategy the company needs.


In the geo-location wars, the next step will be content

Geo-location is a hot ticket item right now, with companies large and small getting into the social check-in game. But the gaming features of are only one aspect of geo-location. According to the founders of Gowalla and Foursquare, geo-targeting is going places with all that information their companies are collecting.

At TWTRCON in New York on Monday, the "Right Time, Right Place" panelists were focused on what comes after socializing via geo-location.