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Why is checkout abandonment still linked to nasty delivery surprises?

A new month, a new checkout abandonment survey hits the inbox. Here’s the number one cause of checkout abandonment: unacceptable delivery costs. What is this madness?

The study, by eDigitalResearch and IMRG, found that 77% of online shoppers have abandoned their basket in the past year, with 53% citing unacceptably high delivery costs as the main reason for bailing out.

Already, alarm bells are ringing. Many years ago we published some best practice research on conversion rate optimisation, and one of our key recommendations was to avoid sending people into the checkout area too early. Before they enter, they should have all of the key facts. That means delivery information, among other things.

Yet this latest checkout abandonment study found that 26% of shoppers placed an item in their basket just ‘to check delivery costs’. 

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10 tips for improving ecommerce checkouts

68% of shopping carts are abandoned, according to figures from Baynard, so how can retailers bring this number down? 

Last week, we released our E-commerce Best Practice Compendium, which contains more than 170 tips on improving usability and conversions. 

To accompany the report, I've already looked at site search and navigation and product pages, now it's the turn of the checkout process. 

Here are ten ways to reduce checkout abandonment. There are many more, so please add your comments below... 

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Checkout optimization: 10 ways to reduce abandonment

Checkout abandonment is a major problem for most e-commerce sites, but many of the factors causing customers to bail on purchases can be addressed. 

Reasons for abandonment include high shipping costs, checkout errors, and the fact that some customers simply want to check prices. 

Here are ten ways to improve the e-commerce checkout process, and minimise abandonment rates...


Why you should enclose the checkout process

Enclosing or isolating the checkout process is one proven method of reducing abandonment, as it focuses the customer's mind on the steps they need to take to complete a purchase. 

I've been looking at the advice on this from Econsultancy's Checkout Optimization guide, as well as some best practice examples from retailers...


Checkout optimisation: 17 posts to help improve conversions

I've rounded up some of the many articles we have written on various aspects of checkout optimisation into one handy list.. 

For more detail, see our recent Checkout Optimization Guide, a must-read for all companies that accept payments online.


Checkout optimization tips from Dr Mike Baxter

Checkout optimization expert Dr Mike Baxter has produced his fourth stunning piece of e-commerce research for Econsultancy. The Checkout Optimization Guide is a must-read for all companies that accept payments online. We're absolutely sure that it will increase your conversion rates.

In the report Mike suggested 70 ways to improve performance, and I caught up with him to talk more about the latest trends in e-commerce checkout design.


When should etailers empty customers' shopping carts?

Econsultancy's Checkout Optimization Guide, which contains 70 ways to increase conversion rates, was released this week. 

One less obvious aspect of the checkout process which the new guide looks at is stock management, i.e. making sure that the items customers are about to buy are available and 'reserved' for them, and when to release them if customers leave

However, retailers cannot hold the contents of customers' baskets indefinitely, as other customers may want these items, so when should stock be released for other customers to buy?