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House of Fraser: site review

House of Fraser unveiled an updated version of its website recently. 

Online sales rose by 110% in the first 24 weeks of the year, and House of Fraser aims to continue this growth with the redesigned website. 

The previous incarnation, as reviewed here by Paul Rouke in 2007, was a good site, but the new version provides a more up to date, streamlined look. 


Why do consumers abandon online purchases?

From security concerns to annoyances around hidden charges or high delivery costs, there are a number of possible reasons why not make a purchase from an online retailer. 

An Econsultancy survey of 2,000 UK consumers, conducted using the TolunaQuick tool, looks at the reasons why customers choose to abandon online purchases. 

Of the 2,000 respondents, just 12.8% don't shop online, the other 87.2% shop at least several times per year. 

Some highlights from the survey after the jump...

John Lewis, Game and logos

Checkout best practice revisited

It’s been over two years since I published an article on the Econsultancy blog entitled: Are retailers following best practice to improve conversion rates?

In that article I was specifically looking at the checkout processes of a variety of retailers, and in particular whether or not they have enclosed (or in other words removed site wide elements and distractions to focus the user) the process. 

In this article I have revisited the retailers who featured in this article to see which of the retailers who didn’t enclose their checkouts then are now using this approach .

Enclosing the checkout is an approach I almost always recommend my retail clients adopt as a primary way of improving their checkout funnel conversion rate.

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Lakeland website

Ten best practices from the new Lakeland website

Homeware retailer Lakeland launched its redesigned website recently, and the result is a good looking and usable site. 

I've picked out things that etailers could do better online in the past, but for a change, I've listed ten e-commerce best practices from the new site, as well as a couple of potential improvements... 


Site review: Brandosa's UK launch

Brandosa, an online shoe retailer which operates in Europe as, launched its UK e-commerce site this week. 

Since launching in 2006, the retailer has sold 350,000 pairs of shoes to customers in Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands. 

Brandosa homepage

I've been having a look at the new site... 


Best Buy UK: site review

Having already opened a number of stores, US electronics retailer Best Buy launched its first transactional website in the UK last week. 

Best Buy homepage

I've been trying the new site out...


Q&A: Debenhams' Harriet Williams on mobile commerce

Debenhams recently launched a mobile commerce app for iPhone users, which forms one part of an increased focus on multichannel from the retailer. 

I interviewed Debenhams strategy and online marketing controller Harriet Williams about the new app, plans for using QR codes, and Debenhams future mobile releases..


Debenhams releases mobile commerce app

While M&S and John Lewis went for mobile websites, Debenhams released a mobile commerce app for iPhone last week, thanks to the volume of visits to the main site from iPhone users. 

The app also features a barcode scanner, the first used by a high street retailer, which should make the app useful for researching products and prices offline. 



Ten things BHS can do better online

With a well-known brand and a high street presence, BHS has the potential do well online, both in terms of web sales, and in driving sales into stores. After all, other multichannel rivals such as Debenhams and House of Fraser have been using their high street presence to increase their multichannel revenues

However, the BHS website doesn't deliver the best user experience, and looks like it could do with a revamp. Here are ten ways it could improve online... 


Paperchase: site review

Stationery retailer Paperchase relaunched its website this month, and finally added an online store of it own, having sold via Amazon for some time. 

I've been looking at the new site, which uses the Venda platform, from a user experience perspective... 

Paperchase 1


Jaeger: site review

Luxury fashion brand Jaeger launched a redesigned version of its website this week, with the aim of offering an improved user experience for its customers. 

The redesign, by Design UK, also improves Jaeger's international e-commerce offering, by providing prices in Euros and Dollars, as well as offering more currency and delivery options for overseas shoppers, which is a smart move considering the potential for sales growth in this area. 


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How should online retailers handle discount codes?

While voucher codes can be an excellent method of acquiring customers, but there can be drawbacks, namely reduced profit margins and the potential for checkout abandonment. 

Distributing discount codes via affiliates and email campaigns can be an effective strategy, but are some retailers giving away discounts they don't need to simply because shoppers see the code entry box on the website?  

A post on the excellent GetElastic blog has a few suggestions for how online retailers can minimise the use of these codes during the checkout process, and I've been looking at some examples from the UK...