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Nine intriguing internet marketing statistics we've seen this week

Once again it's that time of week where we round up a load of the most interesting internet marketing statistics that we've seen in the past seven days.

This week it includes's rapid response unit, wearables, mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter, giffgaff, and ecommerce in China.

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Ecommerce in China: Why are Western brands flocking to Alibaba’s Tmall?

Western ecommerce brands seeking to expand into China cannot ignore the 500lb gorilla that is Tmall.

Even ASOS was recently forced to admit that its best chance of cracking China was to establish a presence on Tmall, while Burberry became the latest UK fashion brand to open a Tmall storefront in April.

In fact the Alibaba-owned marketplace currently has around 2,000 foreign brands among its 70,000 sellers.

So what’s so important about Tmall that it can make the likes of Apple, Uniqlo, Reebok, and ASOS create a store within someone else’s domain rather than rely on their own website?

The B2C marketplace was spun out of Taobao in 2010, which is itself a C2C marketplace that’s similar to eBay. Tmall allows brands and retailers to establish a digital storefront, which is again similar to the new model offered by eBay.

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Ecommerce in China: 25+ stats that highlight one big opportunity

The sheer size of the Chinese ecommerce market makes it an enticing challenge for many Western businesses.

And to give an idea of exactly why brands like Burberry, ASOS and Selfridges are hoping to expand East, I’ve rounded up some stats which reveal the scale of the opportunity for online retail in China.

This post gives a good foundation for any ecommerce professionals with an interest in the Chinese market, and in future posts I’ll take a look at the major players within the industry, including Alibaba Group, Tencent and Baidu.

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