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Why your brand should get creative now with visual content marketing

According to Toprank CEO Lee Odden’s recent SES London session, content marketing at its very minimum needs to include: brand leadership, customer empathy, storytelling and creativity.

Here are three reasons why some of that creativity should be visual, regardless of your brand or industry.


Chris Brogan: Be helpful, be brief, and listen

Chris Brogan has probably done it all in his 12 years in the digital space of online networks and social communities.

Now a best selling author, his latest book Google+ for Business tries to help businesses understand how Google+ offers tangible opportunities that aren't available anywhere else.

I had a chance to meet Chris in person a couple weeks ago at Blogworld. Normally I'd cut down my interview and weed out the additional exchanges, but because I enjoyed the interview so much I left the whole conversation in.

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Would you buy a car based on an email or tweet?

You're in the market for a new car. You're not having luck finding what you want online through the local dealerships. So you write a blog post expressing your frustration. Less than five minutes later, you have an email from somebody who wants to help you find and buy the car of your dreams. You purchase a new car from him a few weeks later.

Crazy? Maybe. But it's not fiction. It's how Chris Brogan, head of a marketing agency, purchased a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS.