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How well does Asda perform on mobile?

Last year, David Moth reviewed Asda's mobile site, and was critical of a few aspects of the site. 

It has since been updated so, in the interests of fairness, I decided to revisit the site to see how well Asda is adapting to the enormous opportunities that mobile provides... 


Reserve and collect: 10 best practice tips

A recent survey found that fewer than half of the UK's top 50 retailers currently offer a click and collect service for customers. Of those that do, less than a quarter extend this service to mobile. 

Given the success of these services, and the rapid growth of mobile commerce, this represents a real missed opportunity for retailers. 

Even for those retailers that offer reserve and collect, there is an opportunity to optimise the experience for users and improve revenues. 

Here are some arguments for offering this service, and ten tips for creating the best possible click and collect experience...


How do you handle payment card declines?

A potentially valuable customer visits your site, chooses their products, proceeds through the checkout, and submits their payment details. The worst happens, their card is declined. What can we, as etailers, do to provide these customers with the best experience, and not lose a sale?