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Comcast brings its advertising everywhere

Television networks are desperately trying to bring their ad dollars  from television onto the web. And Comcast's new strategy to earn ad dollars online is to simply shift put all of its content there.

A new partnership with Time Warner, called TV Everywhere, is bringing Comcast content online for their television subscribers. But while TV viewers might be glad to see that content on the web, they will be less enthusiastic about the fact that it comes with all of the network's television commercials.


Hollywood loses its appeal to curb the spread of DVR usage

Television broadcasters, film producers and video providers lost a last ditch effort to curb the growth of DVR usage today when the Supreme Court rejected their appeal on a case that alleged that Cablevision’s remote network-DVR technology violates copyright law.

Cablevision announced plans in 2006 to offer a network-based DVR system called Remote Storage Digital Video Recorder (RS-DVR) that would let subscribers store TV programs on the cable operator's computer servers and then play them back at will, thereby eliminating the need for a set top box.

Content creators have alleged that Cablevision's storage of the video information online violates their ownership, but it's not much different from a standard DVR service, except for where the files are stored.

And the decision today will lead to a much quicker blead of advertising dollars, highlighting the fact that network television has still not found a feasible ad solution to DVR fastforwarding. 

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Comcast to offer free content online — to paid subscribers

Comcast and Time Warner are pairing up to offer more of their content for free online — to people who already subscribe to their cable channels on television. Starting in July, the cable companies will let a group of about 5,000 subscribers access that content online.

The new model will make it harder for people to access television content online for free. And while cable companies will not yet be able to monetize online viewing as profitably as they do offline, the migration of their content online should help them get a foot in the door for charging for that content down the road.

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Coming to a television near you: Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash, the rich media technology that's pretty much ubiquitous on the internet, will soon have a second home: your television set.

Thanks to deals that will include the Flash software in the chips that go into televisions and set-top boxes, in the near future you may start coming across Flash while watching and using your TV.

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